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Pavel Koutecký


1981 FAMU, 35 mm, 18 min
Creative collaboration and friendship between two dissimilar people: a master glassmaker and a glass artist.

Maximalists in a Microcosm

1985, 35 mm, 20 min
Scientific research as creative teamwork.

Theatrum artis

1986, 35 mm, 21 min

Etudes for Electron Microscope

1988, 35 mm, 21 min
People, machines, and the remarkable world of the electron microscope.

A Meeting in Nový Bor, North Bohemia

1989, 16 mm, 33 min
The Third Glassmaking Symposium, the work of the glassmakers and the results of the conference. 

Aahhhh, We’ve Got It Good!

An experimental film about Prague in late December 1989, as the first phase of the November 1989 revolution was drawing to a close. 

Amici, Dancing with Friends

1993, 16 mm, 29 min
About a London-based dance group which affiliates healthy, mentally and physically disabled people. 

The End of Czechoslovakia as Seen from the Parliament

1993, video, 75 min
Debates and backroom bargaining in the Federal Assembly leading to the Act on Partition, after which Slovakia and the Czech.
Republic went their separate ways
Winner of the 1993 TRILOBIT prize
The Grand Prize of the Kristalové srdce Festival, Podebrady, 1995 

The Sportsman

1994, video, 10 min
Portrait of Broni a mentally handicapped swimmer. Made exclusively from photographs by Roman Sejkot.
Winner of the IG Medien Prize, the 37th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, 1994
Prize of the Dean of the School of Physical Education, Akademiafilm, Olomouc, 1995
Prize of the Festival Director and Honourable Mention by the critics, Artfilm, 1995
The Palermo Prize, International Sportfilm Festival, Palermo, 1996 

Where Was Bill? or A Partnership for Jazz

1994, video, 28 min
Reminiscences of the jazz encounter with President Clinton in the Prague jazz club Reduta. 

Situations 1,2...

1995, 35mm, 10 min
A children’s game and a discovery – two fixed ideas filmed using the pixellation technique. 

Dear Maestro, Josip Plecnik, Architect of Prague Castle

1996, 35mm, 60 min
An essay on the Slovenian architect appointed by Thomas Masaryk to remodel and renovate Prague Castle after World War I.
Grand prix of Techfilm Hradec Králové 1996
Best Film in the Popular-Science and Cultural Studies category, Zolotoj vitaz Festival, 1997 

For Life

1997, video, 59 min
About the miracles of the beginning of a new life and also about how this doesn’t only bring joy...
Trilobit 1997 award for For Life and Years Later II. 

Years Later II.

1997, video, 59 min
An evolving documentary - eight years of changes in the lives of four persons who took part in the 1989 revolution, which also reflects changes in Czech society. 

For Ever and Ever

made with Michaela Pavlátová
1998, 35 mm, 20 min
The documentary meets animation in a film about the end of relationships.
First Prize for animated Film, Tampere Festival
First Prize in the TV Special category, Ottawa, 1998
First Prize in the European Cinema & TV category, Viareggio, 1999
Honourable Mention, KROK, the Ukraine, 1999 

I Remember, But Do You Remember?

1998, video, 60 min
A cinematic collage on the changes in the way of life during the Communist era - different kind of history...
Winner of the Kristian - the Czech Journalists’ Award, for Best Documentary Film, 1998 

Chilean Diary - Journey to Altiplano (and back)

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
1999, video, 29 min
Five parts from the travel documentary series Svetozor, from the longest country in the world.
Journey to visit the Indians living on a plateau at a height of over 4,500 metres. 

Chilean Diary - In the Sand

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
1999, video, 29 min
The most arid desert in the world where it never rains yet the land is still inhabited by people. Grapes are grown in oases, people bathe in pools and some simply live here because they like it here. 

Chilean Diary - Indians, Sorcerers and Lifts

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
editor: Jan Petras
1999, video, 29 min
A few hundred kilometres to the south lies Chiloe Island, inhabited by Indians, an island full of sorcery, magic and surprises.
Major Christian Indian celebrations are held every year in the small desert town of La Tirana. 

Chilean Diary - The Story of Guillermo of Mcely

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
1999, 29 min
Guillermo Pollak is a native of Bohemia; he not only owns the famous Antumalal hotel but also a large farm and two hills. 

Chilean Diary - Santiago – Life in Movement and Dance

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
1999, video, 29 min
Presenting Chile’s capital city. 

Where Is the Truth?

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
1999, video, 58 min
For one man Pinochet is a dictator, for another he is the country’s liberator. One is an intellectual, the other an entrepreneur. Both come from the Czech Republic, both live in Santiago de Chile. Two life stories which reflect the story of the 20th century.

Bornholm – Out of Season

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
2000, video, 29 min
The island of Bornholm belongs to Denmark, a strange, isolated island in the Baltic sea. In the summer you’ll find hoards of tourists, in the winter you’ll be lucky to find anyone. 

Living Like a Dane

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
2000, video, 29 min
The Danish character, their humour and happiness are described by intriguing people: a clown who became an M.P., a priest who dresses as a clown and an economics specialist who works as a postman. 

The Memory of Iceland

dir. of photography Pavel Koutecky
editor: Jan Burian a Pavel Koutecký
2000, video, 58 min
A film about an unusual Nordic mentality and a way of looking at life in a tough natural environment, as well as the relationship between tradition and momentous change in the Icelandic way of life. 

The Solid Point Seekers

2001, video, 115 min
A Dozen Years for the Stars of November 1989
For twelve years director Pavel Koutecky has been following the progress of four of those who found themselves in the public eye in November 1989. Musician Michael Kocáb, dissident Jan Ruml, Krystof Rimsky, who took part in the commotion on Národní trída street, and student leader Martin Mejstrík. For each of them the period after November 1989 opened up new possibilities and opportunities. This unique film project captures their quests, mistakes, resolve and doubts on the way to finding their place in the uneasy waters of a transforming society. 

Prague Castle trough the Ages

2004, film 35mm, dolby SR
The film presents the changes that Prague Castle has undergone over the course of its thousand-year history. It evokes genius loci of the castle, it explores the lives and ideas of those who built the castle and l ruled there. 

It’s spring in Prague every year / It’s the Prague Spring every year Opus No. 1

2005, video, 59 min
The Prague Spring and the world of serious music viewed in a somewhat different way from what you are used to. The things that go on before a top performance of works at a festival concert.

The Sweat and Tears of The Prague Spring, Op.2

2006, video, 59 min
This is the second instalment of the film trilogy Every Year It’s Spring in Prague. Sir Charles Mackerras and the Czech Philharmonic, the Prague Spring International Music Competition: Victors and Vanquished, Quarter-tone Piano: An Excursion to the Frontiers of Classical Music, Garrick Ohlsson: “There’s Always a Reason to Practise.
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